common Q&A

I’m not photogenic or comfortable in front of the camera!

Trust me, I completely understand the stress and concerns of getting your picture taken. Most people feel the same way as you. I can almost guarantee you’ll walk out of our shoot saying, “that wasn’t so bad!” I will coach you as we go, making sure to capture the best of your personality all while making you feel comfortable along the way!

What should I wear?

Think about the message you want to send… Professional? Business casual? Approachable? I love bright, colorful, and simple. Avoid busy, shiny materials, logos/words. Make sure your outfits are well pressed.
         – Pay special attention to your neckline, as that will show more than any other part of your outfit. Sit on a chair in front of a mirror and lean forward… make sure the neckline is still conservative and flattering.

              – If you bring a shirt with a collar, please make sure that the collar is pressed and starched. A dry cleaner should be able to press your shirt to perfection.

Bring several looks! Most clients bring several changes of shirts and/or jackets so that they can change their look as we go.  

What about my face? 

We’ll be focusing on your face, so lets make sure it’s your best. Take care to moisturize your face and lips in the week before your shoot.  
         – makeup should be darker than your everyday look because the camera will take half the makeup off! Makeup should be well blended and avoid any mineral based, shiny to sparkly makeup. I highly recommend getting your makeup professionally done and/or hair blown out. 

              – Make sure you are well shaved (according to the “look” you are going for.)