About Katie

I am passionate about family photography. Photographs from my childhood are my most prized possessions. My goal is
to create a memory for you… to create a storybook of your family, your love and your sincere emotion. I understand
that it’s a rare indulgence but it’s something that everyone should experience. Photographs will be treasured for generations… what better gift can you give your family? I absolutely love documenting life and making memories. Every single
person I photograph has a story…. and I can’t wait to tell yours.
My kids are my life. They complete me. My husband is my rock, my better half and my biggest fan. I am thankful for my
friends and family because they make my life the amazing crazy journey that it is.
*Small disclaimer… no matter how well I know you or how well I know your name… I will call you “mom” or “dad” while in
the middle of a shot…. and I will make funny noises and use annoying voices if it gets your kids to smile :). Trust me, I drive
myself crazy too but it will get the kids to laugh.